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ימין השם רוממה 

ימין השם עשה חיל  

ימין השם רוממה 

ימין השם עשה חיל  


You kept me humble on top and raised me up from a bottomless sorrow

You and your wife gave me food when I couldn’t find a reason to swallow

In college you were my only positive role model to follow

And taught me that by praying my heart out I could bring Mashiach tomorrow

I was so involved in this gashmius it felt like my insides were hollow

You discovered G-dliness inside me though the way I operated was awful

Showed me there was more to this existence than sex drugs and rock and roll

Ignited the light to a life of yiddishkeit, and I prospered ‘cause you fostered my growth

I watched you draw down blessings from heaven during kiddush over moscato

I began keeping Shabbos, no cell phone or wallet

I shocked my dad and mom back home in Chicago

My façade got shot with vodka farbrenging, I released all the problems I bottled

Thank G-d I found Chabad before my life rotted to compost

Almost total opposites but we got common souls both borrowed

Throw off the bondage of mitzraim and overcome all obstacles

So no more Taco Bell tacos for me, only kosher cheese on my nachos

I wanna be a Chasid like you movin’ forward with G-d’s right hand on the throttle




Never did I think for a second about how my actions impacted heaven

My collection of regrets had become so immense, I didn’t have the will to keep suppressin’

But you let me open up, pieces of the past I tried to close shut that were limiting my present

Not once did you ever judge my confessions, you just said the difficulties I endured were blessings

With a little bit of introspection, I tried to find the meaning

Behind what was being tested

Yet it’s G-d alone who knows the whole message,

Though we attempt to comprehend what’s presented

Always wisely you advised me and guided me towards the right direction

And if I was divided in two sections

You helped me pick the better sentiment to invest in

You whet my neshama’s appetite with your infinite supply of inspiring lessons

From the torah our timeless protection, from the times of exile to redemption

Your personal pride pushed to the side, in order to fortify a Jewish student’s connection

To Hashem and despite tension from outside,

You gave my dalet amos new dimension

 All I saw were imperfections but you switched up my perception

And again I remembered how to appreciate my reflection,

The impression you’ve left was tremendous, to you I’m forever indebted  

Now I’m destined for success, G-d’s right hand freed me from depression…





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