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If only it were easy to be a mentch

Then my yetzer hara wouldn’t weigh me down just like cement

The Tanya teaches that we shouldn’t ever be content

It seems there’s always higher levels for us to ascend.

I recommend that you remember who you represent

The title chosen among the nations won’t lose relevance

Some of us love ourselves  so much we try to disconnect

Thank goodness G-d forgives us any time we’re incorrect

They say repent I say take it to the next step

This negativity has the ability to reinvent

It’s only when, we’re consumed by total darkness do we appreciate the light ahead

Why distress when nothing is permanent in this environment

Guided by six hundred thirteen mitzvot requirements

Good for your soul like flintstone vitamins

Cleave to G-d above no reason why to hide from him

No confinement, though we won’t stay pacified or silent

Mumbai violence, terrorists might swipe life, thinkin we’re spineless

However we’re never compliant

Forever defiant, together united, Gavi and Rivke still survive, l’chaim


If only it were easy to do the right thing

But this yetzer hara of mine always seems to need refining

Crush the klipah that tries to disguise the godliness inside crying

Beggin' to brighten the world like a pack of matches igniting

There are struggles that I hide deep, underneath my tzitzit,

That I release in writing, for those prone to inspiring,

A Jewish life is tiring, there ain’t no denying,

Humanity demands some better defining

Every soul in shamayim given a mission to fix society

And because of this assignment, often it’s difficult to find peace

I wonder why me? I don’t understand what G-d’s requiring

How do any of these laws apply to me?

Question my rabbi and he replied smiling

"The secret to the Jews surviving, is during the times we, were persecuted and dying,

We didn’t lose faith in G-d providing,

We continued fighting, even when surrender was appetizing  

From the challenges we’re sent, our inner essence begins shining."

This advice I deem worthy of internalizing

And gives me reason each morning to open up my eyelids

Now finally, I can see the morning light, rising



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