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Awake, yet unamused

I’m undercover suffering with no desire to move

My entire being is dreaming of leaving this room

Its just my overtired feet refuse

As soon as I choose to put on my shoes the beatin resumes

But I figured it out, the medicine goes down better with a little sugar on the spoon.

Its true, look at me, I’m living proof,

Look at me with my neck in a noose

If it wasn’t for my momma’s chicken soup

I’d be a tickin’ time bomb impossible to diffuse

Dial up the cops I’m in hot pursuit

And out to avenge my relatives who

Got locked in a boxcar and removed

Numbers on their arms tatooed

No nazi, no Holocaust will ever stop me from being a jew

I mean it too, you ain’t gotta clue about any of the shit I’ve been through

Turning charlie hard as bricks was caused by lies and chicks with mental issues

It still continues, all these negative conditions don’t improve

Its like the whole world is crying and im runnin out of tissues

I’ve got more than a few loose screws and my marbles are lost like gilligan’s crew 

On a desert island and I’m quickly losing hope of getting rescued

Whats next up on the menu, play yet another show at another venue

Break another girl apart, though I never did intend to

Become such a superstar cause I’m nothing special

Lets all be intellectuals, and see my heart as more than atriums and ventricles

Don’t just assume, my unconventional views are just me dazed and confused

Cause I’m not, I got no excuse, but I do have friends to introduce

See this is dancing, this is flying, this is standing, this is trying

This is loss, this is treasure, this is strength beyond all measure

This is pain, this is mercy, this is breaking, this is burning

This is mine, this is gonna be fine, these papercuts will heal with time


Arise, with a new sense of purpose to keep alive

There’s truth under the disguise

There’s truth under the disguise

I’m ready for the fight

But I, won’t be wasting time

Dreaming of sleep tonight.


Awake although I’d much rather be asleep

I’m jealous of the dead who get forever to rest in peace

I’m definitely gonna have to pull a little bo peep

Cause the flock of sheep, with the numbers on their fleece go free

To greener pastures the first chance they get to leave,

Though I was countin on them to lead

me into a field of dreams, But they just stampede, and trample me beneath their feet,

I can’t believe I ever trusted, what looked so sweet,

and fluffy cause really nothing  is what it seems to be

Nothing is gonna come around to see that I’m released

From these boundaries, surrounding me, they try to devour me, outwardly

Maybe cause I’m kosher and low in calories

I just want my dad and mom to be proud of me

I forget that I’m allowed to breathe only after the curtains go down and my crowd is pleased

Then I’m put back at ease, load up the magazine, attach to the gat and squeeze for rapid relief

Lacking a beat inside my chest cavity, filled to capacity with sadness and tragedy,

Has anyone ever asked what life is, if its lived unhappily?

Such dramatics we gotta get past what doesn’t matter in reality

Like the type of car we drive, our diamonds, houses, yachts, and yearly salaries

Physicality refined with a black hat as I wrap straps of my phylacteries

T’fillin near my heart and between my eyes make me strong just like a maccabee

Cause I’m in the middle of a battle, between gut reaction and my sanity

No plan or strategy just my ass on a cactus and I manage to sit passively

I’m knee deep, in disaster, im the master of catastrophe

Tomorrow is collateral damage, my last bit of hope the only casualty

So please G-d let me find romance and take it to the marriage canopy

Let my wife give me the strength to smash the glass and start a family

Help me to be righteous, pious, and inspired to give charity

But most of all in uncertain times, bless me with some clarity





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